Sunday, April 14, 2013

Women embroidery - Ceremony before birth

The special ceremony before birth is something that we do when one of us get into the ninth month of pregnancy. Before the birth we are blessing our pregnant friend and empower her
Today is a day of Ayelet.
On a sunny  winter day we arrived to Rothman's at Lotem. It's a small, luxurious restaurant in the Galilee

Each one of us had given to Ayelet a personal insight to the birth.
Then, each one of us embroidered some threads that symbolize her special insight.
Eventually, we have all created a beautiful spiral 
embroidery mandala 
Mandala is an healing circle, circle that carries a prayer
The Mandala expresses the cycle of life and the endless chain of women
We chose the colors of the rainbow, because they are composing the light.
 The rainbow symbolizes spirit that exists in the material. The colors of the rainbow express the energy centers in our bodies (also called chakras) along the spine

 Each color has its own characteristics. We wanted to give Ayelet a gift that is an expression of light, joy and love

The starting point of the mandala called "Bindu". "Bindu" in the Sanskrit is the central point of the circle

I embroidered in bordeaux - The Bindu point

I chose to start the embroidery with Bordeaux  color(red - brown)
The Bordeaux color symbolized the earth element
Earth represents the physical world and our roots.
Essential and very necessary to labor

I blessed Ayelet that breathing will helps her to be presented at birth

Ayelet embroidered in red color

Ayelet continued to embroider with a red tread. The red also symbolizes the earth element. Ancient inherited knowledge from generation to generation
Ayelet asked us to tell her about our third births

Galit continued to embroider with the orange tread.
The orange color symbolizes the element of water, the joy of life and creation.
Galit blessed Ayelet with courage and belief in her body in birth
Galit embroidered in Orenge color

Gali continued to embroider with the yellow tread.
The yellow color symbolizes the fire element. Our inner fire, presents in the upper stomach,the place of human emotions, the energy that moves us, and shines from us.
Gali blessed Ayelet with a rapid birth and circles of support during and after birth

Gali embroidered in yellow color

Hilla continued to embroider with the green tread

The green color is in the heart. It is the bridge between the material world and the spiritual world. The heart  is the center between giving and receiving.

The heart containing the pure love, unconditional love. That is the energy  that created the world

Hilla embroidered in green color

Hilla continued to embroider with the blue tread.
The blue color symbolizes our communication with the world and with ourselves.
The blue energy exists in our throat. The mouth that talk, sing and the ears that hear the outside voices and the inner voices

Hilla blessed Ayelet with patience, perseverance and faith along the way

Embroidered spiral Mandala

Finally, I finalized the mandala with the purple color
The purple color symbolizes the wind.
The purple energy exists in the third eye (the space between the eyebrows)
The purple color characterizes our relationship with the super-ego and the higher
 intuition and our inner voice. It is very important to listen the inner voice at birth
The last color of the mandala is white. The white color is called the crown and it is exists above our heads. This is the place that connects us with God.
I blessed Ayelet with the ability to create and promote the delivery by the mind, the body and the relationship with the baby

If we will be connected to earth on one side (red color) and will be opened to the heavenly spheres on the other (white color) then we can be connected and presented.
Present is the gift our life.
We blessed Ayelet and wished her good birth, love and joy

Love you

Galit, gali, Hilla and Orly

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  1. Wow orly.its so beautiful.
    I wish her good birth too.:-)

  2. Thank you Talila
    She had a beautiful baby:-)