Sunday, May 5, 2013

New creative collaboration

 Today I want to share with you my new collaboration with my good friend 

Michal, from Micush is a talent illustrator and my good friend. 
There is some resemblance between our creation 
Naïve illustrations, with childhood memories flavor
We have been talking about collaboration for a long time.
A few months ago I suggested to Michal a new idea
I suggested to create pattern according to her illustration and print it in a traditional technique. 
Michal was very excited and sent me her Rabbit illustration.
Figure that is being identified with her
I created a template according to her illustration with my old perforate machine and I have printed the pattern on a canvas on the same day
I embroidered the Rabbit pattern in a couple of days Than

You are very welcome to see the full process

I'm printing the Rabbit pattern

The Rabbit embroidery pattern

And now...The embroidery

The  Rabbit - the new embroidery  kit in my shop:

:Micush shop

I'd love to hear what you think


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