Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Valentine's Day

For quite a long time I wanted to create a new embroidery design that would symbolize love and to hang it in our bedroomValentine's Day seems like a great opportunity to create something like that.
I entered my studio and started working. I drew a Mandalla - a sacred circle that ebmeds a prayer  in. The circle symbolizes the Wholeness, the Infinity and the Cycle of creation

The love tree

In the middle of the circle grows a tree, with a shape of heart, which produces fruit of love. The heart is the center of our body and it symbolizes the soul and the emotion
The heart balances between giving and receiving. The right hand symbolizes giving and the left hand symbolizes receiving.
The heart serves as a bridge between inside and outside. Between our earthly life and our spiritual life and contains pure unconditional love, which is the healing energy.
The love tree is located in the center and around it the four elements of life - earth, air, water, and fire.
The tree connects the four elements and represents the human being, the creation.
The tree is full of flowers, leaves and fruits that symbolizing fertility and beauty.
Earth represents the basis of our physical body, rootedness and tribalism.
Two deers are leaning on the tree. The deer is a royal animal that represents the truth.
All animals are arranged in pairs in order to symbolize relationship.
The tree roots penetrate deeper into the earth, looking for water.
The water is full of life and fish.
Water represents the unconscious, the feminine energy, acceptance and creativity
The air is expressed by birds and butterflies which symbolizes the spiritual world, the freedom and intimacy
The fire is actually the sun which provides light and energy for all the living on Earth.
The sun symbolizes the physical world, the mind, the male energy and the giving

The emboroidery of Love Tree.

Especially for Valentine's Day I would like to introduce you two romantics vintage embroideries from my collection...

 Roses embroidery

Heart flower embroidery

I wish you a lovely valentine's day




  1. Your interpretation for the tree of life is very interesting.
    This motive is very ancient: It goes back to early Christianity, and it appears even in musaics of ancient Muslim palaces...I love the embroidery hanging on the wall with the chair.
    Talented girl!