Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The history of Embroidery Dreams

Toward the Election Day in Israel I want to show you a lovely historical picture.

Grandfather Samuel with his children Zvika and Alisa are standing in front of the first election propaganda in Israel.
So exciting, the first elections of Israel.
The dream of a new state came true.

Today I want to talk about my origin, thanks to them we are here, embroider our dreams.
This week I have got some embroidered napkins from Alisa, my aunt.
The beautiful embroidered napkins were embroidered by my grandmother Runya.
Grandmother Runya was an expert embroiders. Her stitches were perfect.

I believe that the importent thing is the experience and the process we p
ass through by creating and not necessarily the result
But this time when I saw these napkins I was so excited and amazed from the quality of embroidery and immediately I felt like I am touching a piece of another culture
from another period

Grandfather Samuel and grandmother Runya whit Zvika, the baby in the balcony of their little embroidery shop

While I'm talking about history, I want to show you some pictures of my family

Grandfather Samuel arrived to Israel before World War II

Grandfather Samuel, his mother Brayne and his brother Naftali

Grandfather Samuel in his youth

Finally, here are some beautiful embroidery napkins of grandmother Runya:-)

Embroidery simple flower whith color changes thread

 Look at the edges of the napkin  - what a beautiful finish

Tha same embroidery design in a deferent colors

Hope you enjoyed
Continue to create with joy

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  1. It was lovely to see your embroidery and family history. What a beautifully embroidered napkin.