Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Everyone can print - NEW !

Hi !
I'm very excited to present my new product.
Printing kit for embroidery patterns. 

From now, everyone can print on canvas embroidery patterns.
Embroider it for pleasure and wash the color at the end of the embroidery.
It all began when one of my good clients asked me about printing color.
immediately started working !
I prepared the blue color, according to my secret recipe ;-)
I bought bottles, jars, and fine turpentine.
I made a "mushroom stamp" , "Klotz" in Yiddish. 

Finally I designed labels.
Now, the product is ready and available in my shop.
These days I'm working to create the white color

in order to be able to print on dark fabrics.
And soon...

New embroidery patterns collection on dark linen ... 

I invite you to see again the printing process

Drawing on transparent paper.

Perforate the paper.
Print by using the blue color.

Move the perforated paper and wait an hour to dry.
 Embroider the pattern
Wash the canvas.
 Wait the canvas to dry.
 The embroidery is ready.

If you want to purchase special printing color, you are welcome to visit my shop

See you next post
best regards,

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